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Stuxnet II?

A thought occurred to me, and it must be occurring to the Iranians right now, as well. Siemens developed many of the control systems for the Iranian’s nuclear industry. The same Siemens that has R&D centers in Israel and has acquired Israeli companies.

Could the virus running rampant through Iran’s nuclear industry have been implanted with the knowledge of regional and/or global Siemen’s executives?

Did the teams that wrote the original programming include Israelis? Or was some of the programming outsourced to Israeli companies?

And who is trying to “fix” the problem? More engineers from Siemens, of course! And fixing the problem gives them access to more of the Iranian’s systems.

Perhaps Stuxnet is simply a Red Herring, allowing the installation of an even more powerful virus?

October 1, 2010 - Posted by | Middle East

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