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And it tastes like ice cream!

Bill Schneider, CNN’s Senior Political Correspondent, recently reported that American President Barack Obama is a “SuperPresident.” Heads-up to Bill: the election was last November. You can stop kissing the guy’s tuches and start acting like a reporter again, if you and any of your colleagues at CNN remember how to do that!

Mr. Schneider reported that CNN’s poll of polls, taken April 14-21, showed “an average of 64 percent job approval for Obama.” Of course, he goes onto to state that President Obama is only three percentage points ahead of where the last six presidents stood after their first 100 days in office. However, that does not prevent him from concluding “Is Obama the superpresident? So far, so good.”

Outstanding reporting! I have an extra $20, tell me which journalism school you went to, Bill, and maybe they can fax me a diploma, too!

Eine mensch!*

*That’s Yiddish for, “What a guy!”

Mr. Schneider goes on to breakdown the results for us. Accordingly, 71% of Americans believe President Obama will keep the country safe. “Safe” is a relative term. I live about 70 kilometers from the border with Gaza. Yet, I feel “safe.” One gets used to things.

The President received the same high marks on whether Americans believe the President cares about them. Those 200 million puppies he sent out last week certainly did the trick. Unfortunately, President Obama did send a year’s supply of pet food or pooper-scoopers. He should have sent at least two poper-scoopers: one for the puppy and one for cleaning up after CNN.

74% of Americans think the President understands their problems. Really? Does he have to pay the mortgage on the White House? Oh yeah, that’s right, there’s that small issue of $2 trillion in American bonds & treasuries held by the People’s Republic of China. Better deport to China those seven Uighur terror-suspects being released from Guantanamo.

What about leadership and trustworthiness? SuperPresident scored better than former presidents Jimmy “Peanut Farmer” Carter and Richard “Tricky Dick” Nixon, respectively on those two categories. It would be kind of impossible not to score better than they did, wouldn’t it?

The Next 1000 Days

For some reason, Americans think that the first 100 days in office is some sort of benchmark for a president. This metric started being used during Dwight Eisenhower’s terms in office. Pity poor Abraham Lincoln. Imagine what the public would have answered if CNN had been around back then!

Of course, the real test of a President isn’t how he fares in public opinion polls after 100 days in office. Success or failure can only be determined in the long run, and only by measurements that are more objective. What will the unemployment rate be in four years? How many homes will be re-possessed? How many businesses will go bankrupt? Are schools preparing young people for the challenges of life (like really understanding what polls mean)? Will America maintain its credibility with allies and opponents?

Mr. Obama inherited two wars, fraying diplomatic relationships and an economy that was in the tank. One hundred days later, much is still the same.

  • Iraq is trending towards civil war with an increase in bombings. This was predicted two years ago when opponents to the war demanded a timetable for US withdrawal. President Obama set a timetable and now Iraq’s various would-be rulers are bloodying the streets.
  • Afghanistan is just as much of a mess as it was 100 days ago, if not more so! Despite SuperPresident’s policy of fighting the war on terror where it began, the Taliban and their allies are making steady advances.
  • Russia has been playing both “good cop” and “bad cop.” Russia – whether ruled by Tsars, Commissars or Putin-o-crats – excels at this. They can do an about-face on policy faster than they down a shot of vodka. The Chinese have been characteristically inscrutable; they are watching the SuperPresident and taking their measure of the man.
  • Europe likes the fact that President Obama talks to them. They didn’t like the compliance memos that Dick Cheney would occasionally send. I understand that the Europeans really liked the puppies, too! They’re also waiting for pooper-scoopers, but need a third one for cleaning up after the EU bureaucrats.
  • And what about the economy? Carl Sagan wouldn’t be able to count the hundreds of billions of dollars that has been thrown in to avert total economic collapse.

The story is still out on that. Sharpen your pencil, Mr. Schneider!

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